Pakistan has an Agri-based economy with a very well developed agriculture sector and most of the labor engaged in the Agriculture Sector. It has vast tracts of cultivable land offering the prospective investor lucrative returns and rich harvests on his investment. Corporate Agriculture Farming Package is being developed. Pakistan has an agriculture base of more then 79.6 Mn Hectares of total area with 22 Mn Hectares land under cultivation. 18 Mn Hectares of land is under cultivation through irrigation system while 4 Mn Hectares of land relies its cultivation exclusively on rain.

  • Strong Potential
  • Contribution to Economy
  • Fisheries & Livestock Production
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Fiscal Incentives for Agriculture Sector


Pakistan has a comparative advantage in the region with vast areas of cultivable wasteland available and a strong potential for expansion of agriculture base. The large local agricultural market of Pakistan is increasing at 29% per year with an Internationally competitive unit cost of production for all major crops, fruits & vegetables at a very low transportation cost, and developed routes to Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan.


• Contributes 26% to GDP
• Employs 44% of labour force
• 70% of exports are Agricultural & Agri-processed products

Fisheries & Livestock production

Fisheries potential (annual catch)
7.5 Mn Tons
Buffaloes (Number)
23 Mn
Cattle (Number)
22 Mn
Sheep & Goats (Number)
75 Mn
Poultry (Number)
530 Mn


The investment opportunities are being encouraged as steps are taken for Land development/reclamation of barren, desert and hilly land for agriculture. Reclamation of waterfront areas or creeks is underway for the highly profitable investment opportunities to gain pace in the country. Crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers farming/integrated agriculture are the major areas of cultivation within the country. Climate supports the production of almost all cash crops with modernization and development of irrigation facilities and water management Plantations.

Fiscal Incentives for Agriculture Sector

• 0% customs duty on import of agricultural machinery, equipment and implements
• Exemption of duty on transfer of land for CAF
• Tax relief; Initial depreciation allowance @ 50% of machinery cost.
• Dividends from corporate agriculture farms not subject to tax
• Farm income given more favorable treatment

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