MILK TECH ASIA (Milk & Dairy Technology)

Milk is as ancient as mankind itself, as it is the substance created to feed the mammalian infant. All species of mammals, from man to whales, produce milk for this purpose. Many centuries ago, perhaps as early as 6000-8000 BC, ancient man learned to domesticate species of animals for the provision of milk to be consumed by them. These included cows (genus Bos), buffaloes, sheep, goats, and camels, all of which are still used in various parts of the world for the production of milk for human consumption.

Fermented products such as cheeses were discovered by accident, but their history has also been documented for many centuries, as has the production of concentrated milks, butter, and even ice cream.

Technological advances have only come about very recently in the history of milk consumption, and our generations will be the ones credited for having turned milk processing from an art to a science. The availability and distribution of milk and milk products today in the modern world is a blend of the centuries old knowledge of traditional milk products with the application of modern science and technology.

Milk Industry of Pakistan
Milk production and processing is the most important component in livestock sector in Pakistan. The value of milk alone exceeds combined value of wheat, rice, maize and sugarcane. The milk in Pakistan is predominantly produced under four different production system namely:

• Rural Subsistence Smallholdings
• Rural Market Oriented Small –holdings
• Rural Commercial Farms
• Periurban/ Urban Dairying

The overall animal herd is thinly spread across thousand of square kilometers with and average of 3-5 animal per house hold and more than 40 million people in the rural area are engaged in livestock raising. Out of total milk produced, 97 % is marketed in informal sector (loose milk consumed in the villages and/or sold in the cities through ”Gawallaws” is unhygienic conditions and without any quality standards).

Demand for milk and dairy products is increasing at a high pace due to population growth, urbanization and increase in per capital income.

Milk Tech Asia is the definitive exhibition for showcasing the latest innovations in milk products & equipment. This international event brings together buyers and sellers from around the region, with feature areas focusing on dairy equipment, process technology automation & control technology, ingredients and additives technology and storage, packaging & transportation technology.

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